Meet Jim

Welcome Message from Jim:

Thank you for taking time to visit our website and learn more about our campaign to elect a true centrist to the United States Senate from Nebraska.

Growing up on a ranch in Custer County, Nebraska, taught me the importance of hard work, overcoming adversity and working together as a family and as a community. My father, Wayne, who grew up during the Great Depression and served his country during WWII, taught my brother Stuart and me to think for ourselves and warned us against following the herd. My mother, Frances, made sure the supper table conversations were educational as we discussed business, crop prices, history and politics.

This campaign is dedicated to my mother and father and those like them who overcame tough times, defended our freedoms, built the economic foundation on which our great country now stands and demonstrated the greater good when communities and a nation work together. In that spirit of community, I am running for the United States Senate – as a non-partisan – because one of our great democratic institutions, the United States Congress, is bound up by gridlock and partisan warfare.

Like most Nebraskans, I believe that solving the most important issues of our day requires compromise. Unfortunately, the leaders of the two political parties put their own narrow interests ahead of the interests of our great nation – and that, my friends, is why nothing is getting done in Congress. They spend most of their time in non-stop, big-money elections. On issue after issue, it is absolutely essential that we have thorough and vigorous debates; but it is also essential that we eventually reach a compromise. But the reality is, our United States Congress is increasingly unable to solve problems as it kicks the can further and further down the road.

I invite you to look around this website. Examine my Nebraska and agricultural background and where I stand on the issues. I believe you’ll find that I am a lot like your neighbors next door, the farmer across the road, and the teacher in your child or grandchild’s classroom. I believe we must come together and have meaningful discussion about the deficit, modernizing the tax code, addressing immigration and reforming entitlement programs.

It is imperative, during these times of partisanship and governmental dysfunction, that we remember that we are first Americans, not first Republicans and Democrats. The first obligation of an elected official is to his/her country and his/her community, and not to his/her political party.

We know the political process is broken when our elected members of Congress fail to act in a bi-partisan fashion, even though there are bi-partisan solutions. Examples include the Simpson Bowles Commission, which presented Congress and President Obama with a comprehensive plan to reduce the deficit. President George W. Bush presented a bi-partisan plan on immigration that had the backing of a significant number of Democrats. The Farm Bill has historically been developed on a bi-partisan basis, but was enacted a year-and-a-half late because partisan elements of the Republican Party held it up in the house. Meanwhile, House Ways and Means Chairman, Dave Camp, has worked for several years with Senate Democrats on overhauling the tax code. Unfortunately, leadership in both the House and the Senate is unlikely to debate the bill because this is an election year.

When politicians fail to lead, and undermine our constitutionally established institutions, it hurts our country’s economy, our security and our ability to deal with the important issues of the day. My pledge, if elected, is to bring common sense to Washington, to be a bridge builder, to help heal the great partisan divide that now exists. I invite you to join my campaign to fix our broken political system by putting the people ahead of the partisan special interest.