Thank you for taking time to visit our website and learn more about our campaign to elect a true, centrist to the United States Senate from Nebraska. Growing up on a ranch in Custer County Nebraska taught me the importance of hard work, overcoming adversity and working together as a family and as a community. My father, Wayne who grew up during the Great Depression and served his country during WWII, taught my brother Stuart and I to think for ourselves and warned us against following the herd. My mother, Frances, made sure the supper table conversations were educational – we discussed business, crop prices, history and politics. This campaign is dedicated to my mother and father and those like them who overcame tough times, defend our freedoms, built the economic foundation on which our great country now stands and demonstrated the greater good when communities and a nation works together. In that spirit of community, I am running for the United States Senate – as a non-partisan – because one of our great democratic institutions, the United States Congress is bound up by gridlock and partisan warfare. Read More